New Threads List

(( Used my tags-page layout to make a threads list. People I’ve threaded with are listed in alphabetical order, with threads listed from oldest to newest. And closed/finished/inactive role-plays have been crossed out.

There isn’t a link on my blog for this page YET, but once there is, I will notify you. Until then, the url is “”. 

I still owe starters for: LivingForeverInADream, Ex—Fullmetal, and EnvyInTheSkyWithDiamonds

I still need to fix up some untitled RPs (like War-NotOver and I-N-V-D-I-A’s) so their links will work better in the future, but overall the page is functional, I think.

If you would like to role-play and would like a starter, just tell me. c: I feel much more organized and capable of keeping up with things now. Same goes for if I have somehow missed a thread. If you don’t see yours, please let me know! ))


This post is specifically for my thread RPs. Click here for the general RP post.

Threads are listed in alphabetical order, first by the RP-partner and then by the name of the thread itself (in the case of multiple threads with the same person).

If I missed anyone, please please please let me know.

This list will be updated immediately as thread starters are posted, whether by myself or the partner I’m RPing with. 

If you would like to start a thread with me, please feel completely free to shoot me an ask or two. I know I have a difficult character to work out threads with, but I’m more than willing to try figuring something out! Please be sure to tag any threads with me involved with [ dolcetters ] so I can find it easily in case I miss it on my dash, or I know you’ve made one. :)

Below are threads that have ended or are no longer active. They’re in alphabetical order by username, then in case of multiple RPs, in the order they occurred.

If a thread you’re participating in is listed here due to inactivity and you’d like to make it active again, just notify me and I can easily make the change and we can go about RPing.