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this is the place I choose to defend

and I’ll defend it to the

                                    e n d

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     ”Okay.” She answered, dusting off her kimono. Lien offered him a kind nod, taking the money from his palm. “Forgive me, then.” 

    Maybe she’d been mistaken when she thought she sensed something familiar in the man. Maybe she was just crazy. One thing she decided, however, was the it was time to move on. Dublith wasn’t exactly a breeding ground for interested customers. 

┈≡▓ {✘}                     “—stop apologizin’. Y’ain’t done nothin’ wrong.”

      He huffs, folding his arms across his chest as his frown deepens a little.

                  “S’just… —eh, nevermind. It ain’t important.”

      And the matter is dismissed, as far as he’s concerned. No further discussion or argument necessary. He makes the thought known with a slight wave of one palm before tucking it back into his arm.

                  “… try not t’throw your money next time, yeah? You’re lucky some asshole didn’t swipe it b’fore I noticed it.” 

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     ”I planned on it.” she replied, finally standing to release her sleeves from the tie. “But I run a caravan. I’ve got plenty of cens. More than enough to feed the both of us.” Her lips twitched. 

     Why did she offer him money? He didn’t seem like the type to take it. Maybe it was just the worry that he was going hungry. 

     ”I was just afraid you didn’t have the money for food. I’ve been in a place like that.. and the truth was, if you were anyone else, I would have done the same.” 


     I’ve done enough wrong in my life. 

                       ”I don’t suppose you’d accept money if I bought us both lunch at the same time?”

┈≡▓ {✘}                     A brow lifted and he gave a slight tilt of his head with it. Pretty strong assumption for her to go making, there. But he wasn’t going to comment. She may have sincerely meant the best but… eh.


      He shook his head, frowning a little and squinting his eyes. It really didn’t make any sense where all of this was coming from. Kindness of the most spontaneous, for no reason, and claimed to have no purpose. Just ~because~. Ludicrous as it still were, yeah no, he still felt …the situation were off. Tch.

                    “Like I said, I ain’t hungry. Y’don’t need t’go spendin’ anythin’ on me.” 



"That is surprising since it gets so hot around here, maybe you should open one on the side to get extra money in? You know charge people to use the pool and all, or get a small pool you can use with Genny? I bet she would love that." She figured she would love the water and to cool off a bit. "Of course I’d drop by the bar! I need to pop by more often to see how you are doing and I wouldn’t laugh at you, though if I get enough drinks in me I probably will." She snickered.

┈≡▓ {✘}                    ”… heh. …yeah. Genevieve’d probably like that. Sh’makes ‘nough of a mess in the damn bath s’it is.”

       He smiled, though weakly, scratching lightly at his collar.

                   ”…—need t’find a way t’teach her how t’swim, too, come t’think’a it. …just in case. Even though we don’t live by any water, really. …—tch! Eh, I don’t mind if y’do. M’pretty used t’ it.” 



         »❉«」 In and out. Once. Twice. Three times before she slowly brought the glass back up to her lips. In one movement she downed the rest of the it. The glass was set back on the counter top before her eyes stared at the back wall behind the chimera in front of her. She brought her hands up and ran them over her face. Sighing she leaned forward to rest her arms against the counter and turned her gaze back towards him.

          He seemed to relax after she finished talking. There was still some slight tenseness in his stance which worried her slightly but she said nothing. Waiting for him to speak again didn’t take long but her answer did. After a moment of debate, her head moved slowly from side to side.

                         ”…not much to be done. I’ll heal. Eventually I’ll get over it.” A soft snort escaped. “I’m pretty good at burying bad experiences.”

┈≡▓ {✘}                     He remained quiet and still, allowing her the moment without any form of distraction or interruption. Whatever had happened, it’d… either opened a tightly locked door or’d been more than what she deemed ‘previously dealt with’. Even if that assumption was wrong, it didn’t matter. She was shooken up something awful. And it didn’t sound like there was a damn thing he could do to help quell that.

                    “… right.”

      A hand twitched from its clasp, raising and hovering just slightly before he drew it back to him, sighing and ducking his head a little. He pushed off the counter, frowning and reaching across instead to take her now empty glass for a refill.

                    “… well. If…—that changes, ‘t all… —y’know…
                                                            …—y’ain’t in it alone… s’what ‘m sayin’…” 



     ”…” Lien sighed, swiping her runaway hair behind her ears. “Truly, I’m sorry for the insult.” she apologized to him, then returned to her soap and water, completely soaking her last kimono. “I just thought you could use something to eat. You looked hungry.”

     She looked up again and smiled. “I know I’m starved.”

┈≡▓ {✘}                      He shook his head at the apology, dismissing it and allowing it to roll from his shoulders. It hadn’t brushed as insulting, just… eh, out of place, maybe. He’d only bumped into her all of once, why the hell would she bother? Weird.

                  “Then… you should go get yourself somethin’.”

      Seemed like common enough sense. 

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         »❉«」 She didn’t have the intention of talking about it when she’d showed up. Honestly, she had just wanted to come down and drink, knowing he’d cut her off when she started to get too far gone. But now the atmosphere went from a quiet, numbing to something more tense. She didn’t miss the way he forced his inhale or exhale. Didn’t miss the way his words weighed a bit heavier than usual.

                         ”…on the mend. Bruises, few breaks, mental scars. Nothing I’ve not dealt with before…”

┈≡▓ {✘}                     He could tell he wasn’t being very discrete. Then again, ‘discrete’ had never been his… strong point. Something he really needed to fucking work on, if he ever slowed down long enough to actually think about it.

      He was still for a while, allowing her words to sink in and process themselves, and allowing her some breathing room before he considered pressing further. The last thing he wanted to do was overwhelm her or say the wrong thing and make her worse. But it was the last of her words which softened his features, if only slightly, and brought his shoulders back into place.

                   ”… there… anythin’ I can do?” 



         The air seemed heavy— as if he was growing more tense with each passing second. She was tempted to wonder if her curiosity had proven to be excessively forward.

                 Features tranquil, her muscles relaxed— in the hope that his would do the same. ❝I don’t mean to sound nosy he’s a friend of mine as well, so I just assumed …—❞

                             Maybe talking about Greed was better off avoided.

              ❝Anyway, are there any military officers stationed around hereI figured I should look for my friend soon.❞

┈≡▓ {✘}                     “Oh is ‘e?”

      Now that peaked his curiosity. He couldn’t help but wonder just how well this girl knew the embodiment of sin—or, better yet, how well she thought she knew him. The guy was honest, sure. But he was also tricky. A real master of beating around the bush or playing the vague card.

      But those concerns were all thrown out the window at the mention of military.

                    “… yeah. There are. —uh. But they’re more inner city. Yooooou’ve kinda wandered yourself int’ what we like t’call the shithole.”

      He smirked, albeit humorlessly.

                    “I’d suggest gettin’ outta th’alleys and back on th’main road.”

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"But you made me curious so I want to see what it is like at that time." Kit chuckled and noticed Dol’s face scrunch up at the thought of the hotter weather. "The nearest lake an hour or few away? Hmm… wonder if they might have a pool you could use somewhere?"

┈≡▓ {✘}                    ”Trust me, ‘ve been all ‘round this city plenty’a times, and there ain’t a pool.”

      He snorted lightly and shrugged.

                     ”Ehhh, but if you’re really that insistent, make sure y’at least drop by for a drink or somethin’, huh? Then y’can laugh at me while I lie in th’bar and melt.” 

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     ”Looks to me like they’re yours, Dol.” Lien laughed, carefree as she stood to hung her wet clothes on a line she’d strung up. Standing to see the man once again, the one who’d left a smile on her face. “But it’s nice to see you again.” 

     Occupying herself so she wouldn’t have to awkwardly meet his eyes— and she could already feel her grin widening. “Why don’t you get something to eat?”

┈≡▓ {✘}                    He huffed.

                  “Nah. I ain’t takin’ your money.”

      He preferred to earn his keep and he’d done nothing to warrant the pay. And it made him feel a bit uncomfortable, honestly. Almost suspicious. Even though, deep down, he knew the feeling to be rather ludicrous.

                  “Ain’t that hungry, anyway.”