♫ Her grin was now downright wicked, enjoying every amusing reacton he gave her. “ Oooh!! I could tell you about that one time orgasmed 6 times—or was it 7?” she pushed her glass forward, “ Of course, if you give me free refills throughout the night I won’t mention even one orgasm.”


▊✘┆—                      Aaaaand now she was definitely just doing this for shits and giggles. Oh what a lucky, lucky day for him. She was lucky he kind of liked her, or she would’a been punched in the throat by now.

                 ❝Y'know, I get th'crazy feelin' that whether I give ya a drink're
                    not don’t matter. You’re gonna tell me all ‘bout it, anyway. Ain’tcha?


♫ More laughter. His face was priceless, Amelia almost wanted to go into the nitty gritty details but decided against it—after all, it had been a long time. ” Alright, alright—I won’t say anymore… except… one thng… ” she paused for dramatic effect. “ He was totally a screamer. “


        Okay, okay. ‘m done, ‘m done.”

▊✘┆—                      ❝——fuck.❞

Shame, thy name was not Amelia Sinclair. She sure did love to share the details everyone else could go their whole lives without ever knowing. And, of course, he was sure his less than elated reactions were only fueling her. …god damnit. 

                    ❝Good. Thank you.


♫ Amelia grinned in spite of it, knowing there was no one better than Doletto to give someone shit. “ You gotta admit, he was f-iiii-iine… ” and she laughed, ” I got a little somethin’ somethin’ after the night was done if you know what I mean. “


▊✘┆—                      whoa-kay, now we’re gettin’ int’a TMI territory.

He wrinkled his nose and shook his head, letting out a blunt snort.  

                  ❝But sure. He was good lookin’. Congratulations.
                     …but that’s all I need t’know. For fuck’s sake.

"…You really aren’t that creative are you? " ( Anons just wanna watch the world burn )

▊✘┆—                      ❝I guess a sick fuck like yourself would think
                                       hangin’ a woman from a street light by her
                                       entrails was ‘uncreative’.❞


{ } " Hey, ” lips pursed, eyes narrowed. “ Don’t you judge me. “


▊✘┆—                      I ain’t, I ain’t.

He snorts, smirking crookedly.

                 ❝M'just givin' ya shit.

runawaylullabies: "Out of all your customers, who is your favorite? Me, right? Of course it's me what am I talking about."

▊✘┆—                       Yeah, yeah.

Anonymous: I heard that girl from the labs if thinking of returning. What do we do?

▊✘┆—                     String’er up by her own intestines an’ let ‘er rot.

"I have."

▊✘┆—                      ❝Believe me, I know.

Anonymous: hey dol? whats your favorite time of day? what's genny's?

▊✘┆—                       He shrugged.

                  ❝Eh. M’kinda partial t’mornins, m’self.

Early to bed, early to rise. A mantra lived by since he was very young. Farm life kind of did that to you, whether you liked it or not. So did the military. And with how rowdy things got around the bar in the later hours, the peace of morning was more than welcomed. He liked being up before everyone else, bar and the majority of the city included. The sunrise was nice… even if he couldn’t see the colors. 

                   ❝Think Genevieve likes’m, too. S’…when she gets
                      t’spend th’most time with me before I get all busy ‘n shit.