▊✘┆—                      He sports a mischievous grin. Playful and almost child-like.  

               ❝Hey, Lan Fan.

With a grunt, Dolcetto pushes away from his position on the roof, waves an arm towards the buildings behind. They’d been up there motst of the day, escaping the city, noise. All the other crud that came with this shit town. And fun as relaxing and lazing around like a bunch of buffoons was, the chimera began to get… restless. 

               ❝You’re, uh—pretty quick on yer feet, ain’tcha?


▊✘┆—                      Wow.

The canine chimera’s attention had been ensnared for a while now. Homed in on the rather pathetic sight below which was an argument between food stands. He, of course, could hear every snarled word loud and clear, brows raised in mild amusement and lips jetted to one side of his mouth. 

                   ❝That was just fuckin’ stupid.


▊✘┆—                      Hey, boss.

He waves a hand, head given a sharp tilt for the homunculus to follow in his direction. Opposite thumb jerks to the door behind him. 

                  ❝Looks like we’re startin’ t’run low on things. Y’gonna
                    want me t’take th’guys out scavenging soon ‘re what?

Anonymous: What are you interested in a woman?

▊✘┆—                     ❝… I'm about yey-close t’clockin’ ya one right in th’jaw, pal. Keep yer goddamn nose in your own shit.

Anonymous: If you dont tell us your love life we won't take you out for walks!

▊✘┆—                        ❝Fuckin’ great~!❞


▊✘┆—                      It’d started before she’d even chance to round the corner. A low, rumbling growl in the depths of his throat.

The chimera stood where he’d be seen, a deliberate action of warning towards one of his lesser liked intruders. He guessed she earned a few brownie points for not showing her fugly mug around here too often but when she did?… she should know about the consequences by now. 

                  ❝… what’cha doin’ in this part’a town, doc?❞

Anonymous: Come on dorochett who was your crush? First dates??

▊✘┆—                       Th’hell is this so damned important t’ya?

This was starting to get real fuckin’ annoying. It showed through minor twitches in his lips and a dangerous glint in his eyes as they broke contact with the stranger’s, settled instead on their shoulders. 

                   ❝Mind your own goddamn business.

Anonymous: I bet you had all the girls wrapped around your finger. How do you do it?

▊✘┆—                      ❝… uh. 

Weird. Thought they all hated me. Most’ve’m anyway. …'specially now.

                ❝… diet ‘n exercise…?❞ 

Anonymous: How was your teenage life. Did you had any crush one a girl? Did you had your first time?

▊✘┆—                      He quirked a brow. And a snort emitted sharp from his nostrils. 

                ❝Uuuuh, nah.
                   I just worked on th’farm with m’Pa.
                  Didn’t get out much, wasn’t interested.

The chimera shrugged his shoulders and turned away to continue cleaning the bar counter. Seems the topic was considered dropped.

Anonymous: Do you have a favorite food?

▊✘┆—                      Cobbler.

Nah. And even much as his newfound appreciation for meat brought saliva to his lips, there was still one food which won over all. That he’d snack on no matter the day or time.