➥ {✦ ☁ ✦}                          “Perhaps if you ask nicely, I’ll give you this extra one I snatched this morning.”

▊✘┆—                       !!!  

                ❝… really? 

▊✘┆—                         I can’t fuckin’ believe th’breakfast cart was outta cinna’buns.  


                          the g.r.e.a.t.e.s.t. thing I can ever T E L L you
                                      is when [I tell you] I t r u s t you

LEGAL NAME: Dolcetto Augustus Summerall
NICKNAME[S]: Dol, Dolly, Runt, Fido, Old Yeller, Dog-boy, Dog-man, Lassie, etc
DATE OF BIRTH: January 9th, 1878 [ Capricorn ]
GENDER | SPECIES:  Male | Chimera [ German shepherd/human splice ]
PLACE OF BIRTH: Yuflam, Amestris

CURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS: Shitty bar in Dublith, Amestris. Not the prettiest, cleanest place but it’s a hella lot better than the Labs. Or being dead.
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Amestrian, some Aerugian.

OCCUPATION: Bodyguard, bar-tender, thief
CRIMINAL RECORD: Multiple thefts, breaking and entering, murder on multiple accounts, escaped lab experiment dangerous fugitive 
DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS: Periodically | Periodically | No
LIKE[S]: Parkour, being outdoors, rainy days, cobbler, sunbathing, tomatoes, working out/staying fit, being active, taking sporadic naps
DISLIKE[S]:  Dog-centered jokes, dog-centered nicknames, when people throw things for him to ~fetch~, when people ask him to identify something’s color, the way you smell, Greed’s dumbass siblings, dumbasses in general, loud noises, being touched without his consent 
FEAR[S]: HaphephobiaPhagophobiaTrypanophobia

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Hot-headed, blunt, fowl-mouthed, brutally honest, violent, protective, an asshole, dark-humored, boarder-line paranoid, alert, watchful, self sacrificing, loyal to a fault

{ P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N }

HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown
HEIGHT: 165.1cm [ 5’5 ]

{ F A M I L Y   I N F O R M A T I O N }

SIBLING[S]: Christopher & Josephine Summerall [ status unknown ]
PARENT[S]: Augustus & Maddalena Summerall [ status unknown ]
CHILDREN:  Genevieve Summerall
PETS[S]: A German shepherd pup, Sarge

{ R E L A T I O N S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N }

SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Heteromantic asexual
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:  Single [ widower ]



A coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care



"You can’t eat all that!"

fuckin watch me.

runawaylullabies: "I DolBETto you can't catch me!" Amelia slurred, grabbing bottles of booze and making a drunken dash to the door

▊✘┆—                       He should probably warn her that Vulch is waiting up the stairs in the alley in case people try to do that. … probably.


artificiosam: [ quietly enters the bar and takes her usual place at the counter ]

▊✘┆—                     Evenin’.

A brow rose as he lowered the mixer, giving it a light toss in the palm of his hand. Been a while since she’d last made her way down to Dublith. …hope everything was okay back up top. 

                   ❝Y'doin' well, Kaye?

Anonymous: Heard lab five was a good time

▊✘┆—                       ❝… tch. Cute.❞ 

                 ❝’ll have t’introduce th’good doctor to ya sometime.
                    M’sure he’d be more than happy t’show you ‘round, too.

                                     Y’know. Since his last couple guests went …missin’.❞

Anonymous: Do you have any people you consider family, Dolcetto?

▊✘┆—                        ❝’Course I do.

More than he deserved, that was for sure. Much as they rode each other’s nerves, he considered his Nestmates nothing less than family. They were a group of misfits, freaks, brought together by an embodiment of sin. Not your typical beginnings of a family and not the most stable ground to start on, either. But, you work with the cards you’re dealt. At the end of the day, they all saw past each other’s differences and shit, and they all worked their asses off to keep each other afloat. That alone was more than he could ask for.

Then there was the handful of outsiders: Kaye, Kit, Rose, Randal, Lan Fan… people who’d no reason to give two shits about him but for some reason he’d never understand, they did. He tried to keep close tabs on them. Just in case …y’know, they’d need something… or to make sure some leech from his past hadn’t burrowed its way into their shadow. The Nest could handle that garbage since it was all a part of them and there’d never be a way to get it off. But the others? …they didn’t need it in their lives. He’d sooner let himself be erased from existence in its entirety, than drag them down into that shithole with him.

                    ❝M'kinda a lucky guy like that.