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"It is in these moments of tender and ridiculous nostalgia that I know something inside of me is still broken."

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Hello, hello
               remember me?
                                        I’m everything you can’t control.

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then is a brick wall upside the head considered alcohol? It tends to be the fastest in knocking people out.

┈≡▓ {✘}                    ”Liquefy it and y’may be onta somethin’.” 

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kittenelric asked: If I lose my fingers I dont have to do this project. ...I'll reward you with your best friend

┈≡▓ {✘}                    [ incoherent string of swear words and something about a pox upon your household  ]

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ask-thesquirrel asked: *drops down on head* ;3 *chitters*

┈≡▓ {✘}                     “—YOU—” 

           [ grabs off head and violently hurls out the nearest open window ]

                           ”AND STAY OUT.”


chibispaz asked: just a note that post you just replied to made me make the most awful snort laughing

[[ glad i could be of service; my sincerest apologies to your nose, tho ]]


┈≡▓ {✘}                     “Fuck you.”

You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.
- Andrea Gibson, excerpt from “The Nutritionist” (via larmoyante)
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                                   i do not kill without REASON

                                   — and i can always find one.

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