♫ Oh.. uh— ” she stared, tapping her chin and taping long nails on the counter. She hadn’t thought about exactly where—not the exact stores at least. “ Well I don’t know the names specially, I saw a few great boutiques— ” than she stopped, glancing down at her less than modest skirt. “ Little grl friendly, of course. I think one was called… Little Miss Sunshine? ” she hummed thoughtfully. “ mean no offence to you, Dol—but, you don’t really have the greatest fashion sense—I can’t imagine what you dress that beautiful girl in… ” she was teasing… mostly.


       was planning on taking her to lunch at that… waffle house? The one with really good desserts and treats? How does that sound? I’ll guard her with my life—I am a doctor after all… ” She would make sure there wouldn’t be any homunculi business on her end.

▊✘┆—                        Tch! Well, I ain’t exactly rollin’ in dough.

He let out a snort, ducking his gaze and looking away. She wasn’t wrong, of course. …the stuff Genevieve had now were pretty old as they were and she was growing like a damned weed. It wouldn’t be long until he’d have to find her something else… much as he hated to admit it, he hadn’t been thinking that far ahead recently.

                    ❝… yeah.

He only heard part of those last few sentences, eyes still lingering aimlessly along the counter. 

                    ❝… ‘ll check it out. Get back t’ya.


♫ She wasn’t offended; Amelia understood what he was saying, where he was coming from—and where he came from. Amelia was known for disappearing, she was especially known for constantly being under the influence. Dolcetto had seen her at her most pathetic so why on earth would he trust his daughter with her? 


        " Dolcetto, relax. It’s okay. I understand. There isn’t much I can say aside from that I really am good with kids. I’m sure Genny could use some girl time—I could take her out to some lunch in the next street over, maybe take her shopping—all in the area and we could check in. You don’t have to say yes, I understand—I just thought I’d offer. “

▊✘┆—                       Again, he hesitates. Lips press to a thin line and he casts the bar a glance. ‘Girl time’… wasn’t like she’d get a lot of that in this sausage fest now. And he couldn’t constantly bug and rely on Kaye to be that source; she had Danny to watch.  

                  ❝… where … would ya be thinkin’a takin’ her?

Honestly, that’s what worries him the most. Genevieve leaving the Nest without him. He knew Amelia had herself a good set of moves, but… so had Martel… —he shook his head, grunted softly and looked down at his fingers, drumming them across the counter.

                  ❝I wanna scope it out. if I say yes.

praerapidus: [ Quietly enters the bar and sits down at the bar. ]

▊✘┆—                        He’s already prepared her usual water and slides it to her with a small nod. 

                  ❝Y'don't look like you're 'bout t'pass out fer once.

Anonymous: Who do you think Genny resembles more?

▊✘┆—                        He doesn’t skip a beat. Even in grays, he could tell. From the gentle curls in her hair to the way she smiled when she laughed. Sure, she had green eyes like his—or so he’d been told—but… there was no denying it.

                 ❝… she’s th’spittin’ image of ‘er Ma.


♫ She was grinning, leaning forward in interest. She loved to hear about Genny, loved to see how Dol looked when he talked about her. A petty kind of jealousy swirled in her stomach but she did her best to ignore it, chalking it up to the burn of the booze.


      “ God, I can only imagine her outsmarting you at every turn…” she chuckled, eyes falling to the full glass in front of her and she gave him a grateful smile. “ I think I mght be around for a little while if you ever seen someone to watch her for a bit, I would love to. “

▊✘┆—                      The initial reaction is to reject her offer. His usual blend of stubborn idiocy and an over protective desire to entrust Genny’s safety to but a select few, most slots of which were already taken. But something stops him. …his wants weren’t as important as Genny’s needs. He just wasn’t so sure how good Amelia was with kids…

                  ❝… I'nno, uh…❞

A moment’s hesitation and he tilts his head, eyeing her.  

                   ❝I mean…. I really ‘preciate th’offer, Amelia, but…—I ain’t had 
                      someone who ain’t one’a us watch’er b’fore. —without me 
                       bein’ around, anyway…—it, uh, ain’t that I don’t trust you ‘re
                      nothin’, just… s’weird… I guess…❞


♫ A happy sound escaped painted lips as she clapped her hands, eyes closing and a grin tugging at her lips. She took the glass from him now that it was filled and she tilted her head back to chug it back in one easy gulp. It burned, made her stomach tingle and she put the glass back on the counter. ” Mmm! Another my good man! “


      She was silent at his inquiry, trying to suddenly think up an unnecessarily intricate lie but she just shrugged, fingertip swirling around the rim of her glass. “ Swell? That’s a funny word… ” green eyes rose to gaze up at Dolcetto. “ How’s the lil princess? “

▊✘┆—                      Fuck, you’d think you were dehydrated r’ some shit.

He let out a snort, grabbing for the bottle again and tugging her glass closer. The contents were refilled, the glass returned, and he set the bottle aside. Her evasion of his question didn’t go unnoticed but he’d let it slide. For now.

With Genevieve brought up, however, he was quick to busy himself. Grabbed for a few dirtied glasses and a dishrag to wipe them clean. 

                  ❝She’s, uh, been good! …gettin’ more a pain in my ass by
                     th’day. ‘Cause she’s gettin’ smarter, y’know? …s’both a gift
                     and a curse. Heh.


♫ She shrugged her shoulders, smirking as she wiggled her glass. “ Why don’t you fill my terribly empty glass and find out?” she wiggled her glass in his face, batting her eyelashes—as f that would do anything. “ I will settle for bottom-shelf liquor… unless you’re feeling very generous. ” Because Amelia was feeling very broke.


         In all seriousness, it sure has been a while though, hm?”

▊✘┆—                       ❝Feelin’ generous, eh? Tch. ‘ll think ‘bout it.

He swiped the glass out of her hand, pushed off the counter and slid back to the shelves. A bottle was selected and he returned to the counter. 

                ❝… yeah. Has, hasn’t it? …things on your end been swell?


I don’tcarewhat you

                                              《thinkof me,
                                                do】 to mE,
                                                 say⊱ to ME,

                                                              Just leave THE M out of it.


♫ Her grin was now downright wicked, enjoying every amusing reacton he gave her. “ Oooh!! I could tell you about that one time orgasmed 6 times—or was it 7?” she pushed her glass forward, “ Of course, if you give me free refills throughout the night I won’t mention even one orgasm.”


▊✘┆—                      Aaaaand now she was definitely just doing this for shits and giggles. Oh what a lucky, lucky day for him. She was lucky he kind of liked her, or she would’a been punched in the throat by now.

                 ❝Y'know, I get th'crazy feelin' that whether I give ya a drink're
                    not don’t matter. You’re gonna tell me all ‘bout it, anyway. Ain’tcha?